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Maxwell Leadership
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I've been a student of John Maxwell's for more than 20 years and he never disappoints. This book is profound in many ways as John shares more than 50 years of his growth journey as it pertains to effective communication. A MUST READ!

As John also shares, today’s leaders are far too often causing people to fall – into disputes, frustration, anger, and despair. I have seen this firsthand.

It's an absolutely necessary book for our time!

This book is essential for anyone in a leadership position. John Maxwell delivers some hard truths but also inspires hope for the future of collaborative leadership. Personally, this is exactly where I am in how I want to lead others.

This book allows you to use different techniques to have a better outcome whether you're a supervisor, employee, or anything else. This book is for everyone. If you want to be a better you or how to become a leader/better leader, this book is great.

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John Maxwell's Newest Book!

John Maxwell's Newest Book!

High Road Leadership

Bringing People Together in a World That Divides

Leadership can be a blessing or a curse. It can help people rise up to a better life, or it can cause people to fall into despair. Become part of the solution by becoming a high-road leader.

The world’s most influential leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, tackles the problem of our divided world in his latest book High Road Leadership. “Everything rises and falls on leadership,” says Maxwell. “Today it is causing people to fall—into disputes, frustration, anger, and despair. His solution is to expose the problems of taking the low and middle roads when interacting with others and teach people how to instead take the high road. Leaders who practice high road leadership value all people, do the right things for the right reasons, take accountability for their actions, and place people above their own agenda. In his trademark communication style, Maxwell teaches the principles and practices of high-road leadership that can increase anyone’s influence and help them make their world a better place.

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